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Technology Center of Jinzhou Halla Was Recognized as "National Enterprise Technology Centre"

National Development and Reform Commission released the list of all national enterprise technology centers in 2017 and 2018. Jinzhou Halla was the sole company of Liaoning province on the list among 112 companies located in 29 provinces and cities.

The certification of the National Enterprise Technology Center is conducted once a year with extremely strict requirements on economic performance, technology and innovation. The technology center should have robust organizational system, definite development goals and stable mechanism for industry-university-research collaboration.

As one of the earliest few automobile electrical equipment manufacturers with self-owned technology and brand in China, Jinzhou Halla was established in 1996. The technical center occupies area of 2400 square meters and possesses more than 60 sets of large instruments. Design and analysis experiments for auto alternators and starters can be done here. In recent years Jinzhou Halla has applied for over 180 patents and received dozens of science and technology advancement award issued by Liaoning province and Jinzhou city. The technology center was approved by IEC17025 in 2010 and became national experimental testing center.

The certification of the National Enterprise Technology Center constitutes an affirmation of Halla¡¯s R&D and innovation capacity and gives the company access to relevant national incentives according to the rules of Administrative Procedure for Accreditation of National Enterprise Technology Center.

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