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Wonder Group Was Rewarded Meritorious Enterprise of Jinzhou
Wonder Group was rewarded Meritorious Enterprise of Jinzhou on August 17. Fifty enterprises have been recognized with the same award and Wonder Group ranks Top 3 considerating the annual revenue, taxation and social contribution, etc. This is the second time for Wonder to be granted this honor. Zeng Qingdong, chairman and president of Wonder Group attended the ceremony and received the plaque awarded by municipal officer.

In the past two years, Wonder Group adhered to the principle of international development and made outstanding contribution to local social and economic development with a revenue of 6.1 billion RMB and taxation of 0.26 billion RMB in 2017.

¡°The title of Meritorious Enterprise is an honor, but it¡¯s also a responsibility.¡± Zeng said, ¡°Wonder will cherish the honor and innovate to create new achievements for Jinzhou's development in accordance with the demand of the government.¡±
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