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LUT-Wonder Racing Team Released New Cars 2018-09-20
Gainers of the 3rd Session ˇ°Wonder Scholarshipˇ± Visited Wonder Group 2018-09-12
Technology Center of Jinzhou Halla Was Recognized as "National Enterprise Technology Centre" 2018-08-30
Wonder Group Was Rewarded Meritorious Enterprise of Jinzhou 2018-08-21
Wonder-Geely Special Technical Seminar Was Held in Ningbo 2018-08-14
Wonder Group Signed Strategic Alliance Agreement 2018-08-14
Wonder Group Made Substantial Progress on Several Projects in Europe 2018-06-19
The Summit of Data-driven & Value Discovering Co-sponsored by Wonder Group Was Held in Shenyang 2018-06-19
Wonder Group Won the Award of Integration of Advantageous Resources 2018-06-12
Magnificently Situated as Top of Valve Industry, Jinan Worldwide Created 5 ˇ°China Firstˇ± 2018-06-04
Wonder Group Launched Three New Products in 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018-05-03
The Laboratory of Jinzhou Wanyou Was Accredited by CNAS 2018-05-03
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